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Welcome to Grand Circle Woodworking!

Grand Circle Woodworking

Inspired by the beauty of nature.

Who we are

The mission of Grand Circle Woodworking is to handcraft designs in wood so that people are inspired by the beauty of nature.

Our name is inspired by the 'Grand Circle' of great national parks in the American southwest. It also reflects the many circles in our lives and in nature all around us.

What we do

As naturalists, we deeply appreciate the elements and forms found in nature. Our designs are inspired by the elegant beauty of nature.

We select the finest woods, allowing the natural grains to be part of the designs. Each collection offers customization, including the engraving and inlays of mountain profiles or river paths. Each piece illustrates traditional woodworking: the techniques of hand craftsmanship passed down through generations of artisans.

How we do it

The greatest challenge to the sustainability of our craft is the sustainability of wood itself. Our materials are selected from within a circle of sustainability. Our priority is wood coming from our practice as woodcutters; carefully selecting naturally fallen trees resting on the forest floor. Any other wood material is supplied by foresters committed to sustainable harvesting. We are currently developing our method for donating a portion of our profits to planting trees in order to move toward a carbon neutral organization.